Farnham Sculpture Park

This park is set in ten acres of land around three large lakes, it is a space that houses a stunning arboretum and wildlife inhabited water gardens. The owners have distributed over 650 works of art throughout the space that have been made either by the resident artists or by the many contributing artists around the world.

The primary aim of the site is to sell works of art to collectors, however a kind of sub culture has grown out of this, as most of the visitors either can’t afford or don’t have space to house some of the epic works of art, some of which are on a really grand scale. These people come and pay the entrance fee just to look on the sculptures in much the same way people would visit one of the big galleries in London where the works of art are not usually for sale.

What has emerged is a Place where you can wander through the landscape enjoying the art and spending a great day out among the tree’s sculptures and art.

This seems to me to be the exact transformation from a space to a place that this assignment is looking for. I spent a long time wandering around the site taking pictures and enjoying the art. I ended up with several hundred images that I had to edit down to the ten displayed here, which I hope to convey a sense of this great place.

The first image is situated close to the entrance of the park and hides a sign, welcoming visitors to the park. When entering the park, it is from the road and parking is opposite behind the pub. The site is navigated by a series of winding paths that regularly branch off through the tree canopy.

The sculptures are placed randomly along the trails and often a spur or blind walkway will take you up to a different group. I felt that It would be impossible to see every exhibit on one visit and that there are probably pockets of art I completely missed not knowing they were there, this all adds to the notion that you are exploring and coming across treasures throughout your visit.

The dragon on the gazebo was stunning, it took my breath away with its sheer size, one of the staff told me that it was made somewhere in the depths of Asia, though I do not know exactly where and it was transported with its gazebo which comes with it for a cool £150K. The image of the sculptor is included to add to the idea that this is a place of creation not just display and at different times it is possible to watch these skilled individuals creating their art, which looked to be a very slow and painful process.

Not all the art in this place was to my taste but then it would be a strange world if it were I can confirm that this place made a mark on me and left a series of memories that have without doubt transformed this space into a place for me.