Looking at Assignment 3

I have already speculated that Spaces become Places when they take on a use, or when we use them for something specific, the use of a place casts it into our memory and there is a transformation from space to place.

The idea that Parks and recreation area become a place either because they are built on a space or because in playing there we build memories took me on a search for such places. During the research for exercise 3.5 I keeptfinding reference to the sculpture park in Farnham. I havd been there in the past and had some fond memories of teh place. This seemed to me to be a place that fit the bill for assignment three.

The park is a place that is sited within ten acres of stunning arboretum and wildlife inhabited water gardens which have been developed with a series of landscaping projects and the introduction of thousands of new plants, bulbs and specimen trees. Infused throughtthis are over 650 works of art.