Transitions is a look at my own landscape as it transforms from what was my Mum’s garden into a photographic studio for my new business.

I recently inherited my Mum’s house after she died in 2015, the period from then until now has been one of the most emotional and traumatic times of my life, in many ways this project reflects the changes I have been through over the last few years. I decided to use this project at the end of 2018, when I decided to have a photographic studio built at the bottom of my garden.

I included some older images of the garden at the beginning of the series to add some context, when my Mum was alive and in good health she was a well-renowned flower arranger and demonstrator, her garden was designed to supply an endless amount of foliage for demonstrating and an endless supply of pleasure from the different things growing in it. As Mum got a bit older, she was less able to look after the garden, and she used to employ a friend to help keep it looking smart as we see in the first image.

The second image shows my Dads old workshop at the bottom of the garden which for many years he used as an engineering workshop and made his living at home, later using it for his passion of model making. As you can see from the next couple of images, the garden got rather overgrown and untidy as mum grew ill and finally passed away.

My plan which would have pleased my Dad was to use his workshop to make my living, but it was too small, so I decided I would extend it, as with all things this escalated into a full-blown rebuild. The series is then a set of images I took each time some progress was made on the studio with my iPhone. The project became a bit of an obsession to document every thing that happened as my glorious studio emerged from the mess of mums garden. In the end, it is a fully insulated building with a proper roof underfloor heating double glazing, and Alexa controlled lights not to mention an electric backdrop with six colours of paper. It’s so much more than I planned it to be, but it is such a wonderful space to work in, and I now feel blessed to own it.

The images here are a small fraction of the ones I took, but they do show the steady progress made as we built the studio:

And a little treat to end the assignment here is the moment Dads shed was felled!