Feel free to do this exercise before you get to Part Four of the course.

Read forward to the brief for Assignment Four.

When you’re ready, send your tutor a proposal for your critical review. You may have a firm idea of what you would like to write about, or you may have several topics to decide between. At this stage you’re not expected to have a plan. This proposal can take the form of an informal email, of not more than 200 words. You must contact your tutor before you begin your research and writing in earnest.

‘Souls’ in the landscape; Does photographing a landscape enhance or detract from the landscape itself?

this is based on the idea that photographs make a place familiar to people who have never been there but do they get a real sense of the place, I have a number of threads I am researching such as the idea that Ansel Adams and to a larger extent Carlton Watkins helped to make the National Parks in America by photographing them, Carlton Watking being central in convincing congress to declare Yosemite National Park.

I am also thinking about the other side of the question which is more complex to find, i am looking at people like Chloe Dawn Mathews and her work on shot at dawn, and Paul Seawrit’s work on sectarian killings. do you have any further thoughts on practitioners that might help here. I could do with some work that glamourise a place that is not so nice.