Exercise 5.6: Context and meaning

Although you’re not expected to produce any kind of installation or exhibition of your projects at Level 2 (HE5), there is certainly no reason why you shouldn’t be thinking about where you could present your work, and how the meaning of your photographs could be strengthened or expanded by their physical location. Think about whether there is a particular place where you could install your work for Assignment Five. Perhaps it’s the same place that you shot the project, or somewhere that contrasts it somehow. Make a very rough sketch of how prints could be hung, their scale, and anything else that might be incorporated into an installation.

Read John A Walker’s essay ‘Context as a Determinant of Photographic Meaning’, first published in 1980. The text is not devoted to site-specific work in particular; however, it addresses the themes encountered in Part Five. Summarise Walker’s key points and note down your personal reflections.