Orignial Artist Images

Traditional Collage – My Homage

Orignial Artist Images

Digital Manipulation – My Homage


Assignment 1 was an opportunity to explore the wilder side of photography and digital art. For me, this is the best part of my degree so far. I had so much fun exploring this subject as it has always been dear to my heart.

The premise of this assignment was to produce eight works of art four in the collage/dada style and four using digital manipulation.

I did a lot of research and took quite a deep dive into the practitioners of these techniques, some of whom were already favourites of mine others were new to me. I think it was the work of Derek Galon that sparked the idea in me. I first came across him when he was awarded the FRPS and was featured in the RPS magazine. Dereks FRPS panel was a series of images made as an Homage to Bower and the other Dutch masters. In his work, I found images that were obviously photographs but looked like oil paintings. I mentioned this in one of my early level 1 modules and was inspired by Derek. I spent the time between then and now working out how he achieved the look he did. The idea of a work being an hommage and not a copy appealed to me. I had the idea of creating my eight images as a homage to another artist. I settled on Boris Valejo who has been one of my favourite artists sing the 70’s.

I settled on creating four works in a traditional cut stick and paste style reminiscent of the Dada artists and of Hannah Hock whos exhibition I visited in London a few years ago. For the other four works, I would use more modern digital methods of compositing.

For both sets of images, the source inspiration was to be Boris Vallejo. I went through my archive of collected images of Boris Vallejo and found about ten that were possible candidates.


The first job was to make a collage that was a homage to each of the four selected works. I was to use only found images for this project. The four images from Boris Vallejo selected were “The tree of Woe”, “Lee” from the “1994 Boris Vallejo Mythology Calendar.”, “standing tall”, I also wanted to attempt to draw a dragon this way, so I ended up selecting “Shimmer Dragon by Alex Chen,” another fantastic fantasy artist.

I found the work of collage a lot of fun; it was a bit like going back to school. The results were fun but frustrating because using found images. It was hard to get exactly what I was l; looking for. I started to exaggerate things a bit in the same way as the Hanah Hock work I mad the crucified Conan out of lots of parts that I cut out I even articulated the arms and legs to make it work. The end result feels a bit like one of those kidnap ransom notes you see in movies, but overall I was happy with the results.

I was most happy with standing tall as I felt the end result reflected the image it was a homage to though it looks like a picture not a work of Dadaism. I was very please with the dragon as it took some imagination to find images that could be spliced to make a dragon though it is a horse bat lizard in reality. I felt the tree of woe was the closest to the type of collage some of the practitioners I investigated produces Lee was my least favourite as I struggled to get a beetle for him to ride.


My imagination was allowed free rein here. I wanted to continue with the theme of Boris Vallejo again, so I selected three images, one of which was a collaboration between him and his wife, Julie Bell.

My methodology was to create images in style using the theme from the original without actually copying it. I decided I would create my figures in DAZ3d Studio and render them as png files to drop into the composition.

I also just discovered the face transfer facility in DAZ, so I added a photography component by getting a model to stand in for me and have a headshot taken to add to the composition.

Each of the characters in my images is sporting the face of someone I know and photographed. The models used were me, My eldest Daughter Claire, My youngest daughter Laura and my friend’s fiance Angela.

Lastly, I used a combination of 3D rendered objects and digitally hand-painted scenes to create the backdrops for the images.