It is easy to get carried away storytelling and creating graphic novels, but I do feel its important to reflect back on the intended subject of this assignment.

  1. Produce a series of related images that use a readily available online archive (or archives) as their starting point or subject.
  2. Make a small book for this project, using proprietary software, to be viewable online. In your book, you may use a selection of images from primary sources (your own images) and/or secondary sources (images found online and/or scanned from other sources).
  3. Think about a theme for your book and use the references provided throughout Part Two as inspiration.
  4.  Your book should contain a minimum of 12 double pages and can contain text if you wish, or simply a collection of images.


  • series of related images
  • Book-style presentation
  • Book to have a theme
  • To be around 12 double pages

So far, the concept of presenting a book digitally is in hand, and my initial test works pleasingly well. The Hero Cycle is most certainly a theme. The 12 double pages are taken care of by the actual execution late. This leaves me with the central theme of the assignment, referencing the archive. In work, I looked at by John Byrne. His archive was the library of episodes from the tv series that he digitally remastered and manipulated. In Hackney Kisses Stephen Gill used a set of negatives he bought from a  market. Erik Kessel used every image uploaded to Flikr in 24 hours ( a surprisingly high number. Evan Roth created an exhibition Since You Were Born by printing all the images stored in his web cache.

As we can see by a bit of research, the archive has an extensive definition, and these contemporary artists have drawn inspiration from myriad different sources. For assignment two, I intend to draw my reference and source materials from several different sources, namely:

  • My archive of images
  • Google Image search
  • Envato elements – An image resource library
  • Daz 3D Studio Asset Library
  • Images I may shoot to fit the need
  • 3D Models created in Daz3D studio