dslr handbookThe Digital SLR Handbook, I actually quite liked this book, there was a lot of teaching to suck eggs as it is clearly a book for someone coming to a digital SLR from scratch. There a a lot of very basic topics, which are all very well handled. then some surprisingly deep topics such as the zone system.

I felt that this was very much a technical manual for the new but very keen amateur digital photographer. In terms of a reference for a BA(Hons) in photography it seemed a bit off the topic. It does build on a lot of the subject areas in the DPP module however I did not really feel I learned a lot from it.

Books like this tend to remind you of things that you go back and play with, and as a camera geek I did enjoy this as an easy read. I think when digital cameras appeared this book would have been invaluable to those who wanted to make a transition from film to digital.

It does however remain a good reference if you want to go back and refresh your memory on a topic.

The basic structure of the book is in four parts:

Section 1: Digital Capture

Section 1 and 2 are by far the biggest sections of the book this section is over a hundred pages covering the camera and how it works, types of camera and accessory, the way the images is stored, through subjects such as dynamic range, composition, and exposure. it is a very comprehensive section dealing with all aspects of the equipment and how it works.

Section 2: Image Work flow

The second sections moves on to what to do with your bits and bytes once you press the shutter. It deals with a digital work flow, the set up and calibration of your workstation and printer and lots of deatil on managing the files and evaluating the results. it touches on post processing but there is more of this in the following sections.

Section 3: Image Editing

This section dives into the world of photo editors such as photo shop and looks at how to use the features to improve or fix your images for final display

Section 4: Delivery

The final section is about the ways of storing and sharing your images, it touches on web delivery and other forms of electronic delivery, finishing with a bit on selling stock photos.


All in all a rather basic book but it does cover everything digital and I would not hesitate to give a copy to oe of my daughter if they wanted to take up digital photography.