The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook


This is a wonderful book, packed with thoughts and ideas. Unlike most books on digital photography it concentrates on the flow of data through our process of creating a digital image. It does not concern itself with how to compose an image or what makes great art, it does however make us think about all the little details that screw our photography up along the way.

How many times have you done a shoot only to find you forgot to set the iso back after a low light shoot and now you have a load of noisy images or not changed the colour correction / white balanceĀ  or any one of a thousand other things we can do to mess up, forgetting your focus is set to manual and thinking its auto so all your images are not quite sharp.

This book is the remedy for this, it aims to help us develop a workflow and en-grain it into our shooting and processing practice. I was lucky enough to attend a course on studio lighting the other week run by a friend of mine, I was struck by his professional workflow which was rigid about when an image was real or not and he had a policy that no image existed until it was stored in more than one place. This meant his workflow had him shooting tethered and synchronising his work to the cloud, in his world images on a card are not real until stored somewhere else.

This book helps us to adopt these sort of practices and looks deeply at each stage of the creative process and offers ideas and methods of developing the workflow. The basic premise of the book revolves around a 5 phase workflow with multiple steps at each phase.

The five phases are:

Phase 1: Shooting

Phase 2: Image transfer and management

Phase 3: Image file conversion and optimisation

Phase 4: Output

Phase 5: Digital asset management

The book delves into each phase and helps us construct our own version of the work flow then breaks out into a number of supporting chapters covering the various topics found underneath the workflow, such as RAW data management, etc.

I loved this book and found it an invaluable aid to assignment 1, which as it was on workflow made this the go to manual.