Mastering Digital Photography

mastering-digital-photography-1-x-fatpr3-masteringdp_cvrAnother book by Michael Freeman, these become rather required reading as Michael wrote the course originally, this book is a huge doorstep of a book, when I saw it I expected the same old thing much like a big version of his digital SLR handbook reviewed earlier.

However, I was pleasantly surprised this book is much more about how to take photographs in a creative sense, it covers a multitude of different scenarios, and looks at the special considerations for the given scenario. It blends a big dollop of how to with the various creative drivers that make you first visualise the shot you want to take. It looks into the motivators and drivers that shape our photography, then it deals with using those things to create the image. For me I thought this was one of Michael Freeman’s  better books it has a lot of information in it that would be impossible to absorb in a single reading. Its one of those books where you find yourself fired up by a point he is making and needing to go out and try it. The problem is there is so much of this that you run the risk of forgetting the things that fired you up as you are inspired by the next item on his agenda.

The book has an awful lot of stuff you probably already know and a deal of things you may not but on balance the book is a really useful reference that earns its place on the photography shelf.