Assignment 5 is the creation of a personal project. I felt that this needed to be documented in several steps so, this page pulls together the work into a semblance of order.

The first thing is the project brief, this describes the project and gives me a reference point to go back to when reflecting on the outcomes.

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Next is all the contextual work that looks at and discusses the ideas and the development of the project

button 1The following are then a description of all the work done to get to the end point.

Button 8I spent quite a lot of time learning how to create the perception of a three dimensional room in Photoshop I created a number of textures to use as well as browsing the internet for free textures then I used the metods I found to create the rooms, the following is a short tutorial that shows the basics, I used these and changed them around to create the final rooms:
The texture I used to create the actual Holodecks I created in Photoshop, here is a description of the process used to create it
Button 6I took around 18 different Pubs and built 5 different Holodecks the following is the examples created from these elements that I used to poll the opinions of my peers on the most effective way of presenting this.

Lastly I wrote the reflective account called for in the assignment which can be found here

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