Project Definition

This project develops and publishes a response to assignment 5 of the Digital Photographic Practice module of the OCA BA(Hons) Degree, the assignment is to Apply what has been learned in the course to build a collection of 10 to 12 final images on a theme of your choice. Then it asks for a 500 word reflective account.

Project objectives

This assinment needs to be completed and handed in by 28th August 2015 to fit in with the Tutors availibility to feed back so that the module can be sent in for assessment by 30 September 2015 and included in the November 2015 asessment.

The objective is to create 10 to 12 images of a Typological nature based on the research and learning from the course, further it is to find a unique way of isloating the Typology in the image in order to attempt to go further than other practitioners of typology.

Further the assginment calls for me to apply all I have learned in the unit, Image Manipulation was a large part of the learning in the module and so the final work should incorporate and embrace the manipulation of the image. Particularly using a form of combination print.

The final set of images should be a blend of Photo Truth and Photo Fiction to explore this area of work researched during the module.

Desired outcomes

  • Evidence of Typlogy in the images
  • Evidence of the integration of image manipulation
  • 10 to 12 images
  • 500 word reflective account on the work that includes:
    • How I chose the theme and was it a good choice
    • What went well? what went badly?
    • Did I stick to my original brief or did I find myself departing from it? Why?
    • What technical problems did you experience? how did you solve them?
    • Am I pleased with my final collection? What could I have done differently?
  • All the contextual studies documented on my blog