I wanted to use typology and image manipulation as these were my main areas of research during the module. I chose the subject of Public Houses after a radio show that talked about the decline caused by the smoking ban and the availability of cheap alcohol in supermarkets.

After researching typology I realised that practitioners had tried to isolate their subjects to emphasise type, I wanted to use the learning on image manipulation to attempt a different angle on doing this, my final solution was to build an alternative reality to set the pubs in. My choice of a back story was inspired by the work of Michael Covin and the Holodeck idea was born

In the end I believe the choices were good as the result is a typology that is removed from its surroundings and placed in a consistent setting.

The analysis of the result falls into three areas, the capture of the subject, the creation of the background and the selection of the image and background and the combination of these.

Finding Pubs was really easy as there are still quite a lot of them many were not usable due to clutter or vehicles predominantly being in the way. I had to visit some a couple of times to find them clear of obstructions and some I abandoned altogether because they were never clear. I found trees to be the biggest problem as they cause unsightly obstructions.

Creating the background went well and I had 5 attempts all of which work at some level but the one I chose seemed to work regardless of the subject used.

I found the combination was easy the masking of the building was the most difficult as it requires careful technique. Placing the work onto the background was a simple process as was the creation of the shadows.

I did find the lighting was occasionally a problem and had to reject a couple due to horrible back lighting.

In terms of the original brief I stuck to it quite rigidly, but this may have been because I went through so many different iterations before settling on the chosen subject so the final set was fairly well planned ahead of time.

The project presented the most technical issues in the creation of a credible holodeck and the masking and cutting of the pub from its surrounding. I did a lot of research into creating the deck which made the process straight forward. In the end the biggest issue was the imagination to create the texture used.

Masking and cutting the subject was really solved by practice and the use of several different techniques to get the cut accurate. The final image benefits from a slightly surreal edge as this adds to the Holodeck ethos.

Looking back I am very pleased with the results, they look the way I envisioned them at the start, I think the Deck looks space ship enough and more importantly the images stand out from the background. I do feel I managed to isolate the typology from its surroundings. On reflection I don’t think I would change anything at this point.