In the feedback from Helen my tutor there were a number of things she suggested that I could have done differently, namely using a consistent aspect ratio for each image, and reducing the contrast in the sky to make the sky white so that it was in keeping with the typo-logical style of the Beecher’s.

I decided not to do either of these before submitting for assessment, firstly my brief was not a typo-logical one it was to make pictures that looked better in Black and White than colour and as such this was my interpretation of that to turn this into a typology was not its purpose and this is something I will experiment with in A5.

The ratio problem I acknowledge but there is not the time needed to do this and as such is something I will incorporate in future work to demonstrate that I have learned that lesson.

I do feel that if I were not working towards a degree but sustaining my practice I might do this assignment several more times, each time refining it, it may be nice to do this as a typo-logical study. I may find different churches to work with and make this a great body of work but this is all for the future as I have to move forward and do not have the luxury of a lifetime to work on this.


St Mary’s Ashley

Still may favorite church