I have finally gotten to a place where the re-work section is really very important to the assignment.

I spent a lot of effort working on my idea of the Holo Deck and presenting my pub series, my tutor pointed out to me that the link between the holo deck and the pubs was very flimsy. I was initially a bit hurt by this as I had sunk myself so deep into the project that I could not see the wood for the trees.

I took the pubs and placed them onto a black background this looked good but there was still something wrong with the images. It was the Beechers that put me on the track that led to my final submission.

I had been looking in some depth at the typo-logical movement and the work of the Beechers among others. I had inadvertently almost done it in A3 the Beechers used it in all of their work, it is probably my favorite medium. the answer was of course Black and White. When I converted my images to black and white and placed them onto the black background there was for me a magical transformation.

My new images reflected the decline as pointed out by Helen in the feedback the black background being a metaphor for this, in colour they were too vibrant in black and white they took on a different angle.

I took a hard look at the images and edited the set down to 10 and cleaned up the cutting to make them consistent. I also adjusted the contrast and the lighting to suit the black and white treatment.

So in the end I have to bow to the wisdom of my tutor and present a very different assignment that still touches the original plan for my project.

I now feel my project reflects the decline in the public house and sets it n a setting of a typological study where I have taken the effort to isolate the subject more from its background than the traditional typologies that we normally see.

I ended up very content with the final result.

B&W The Windmill