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77 photography techniques, tips and tricks for taking pictures of anything

[U] Wildlife photography technique 02: use your car as a hide

[U] Getting close to wild animals and birds is the most difficult part of wildlife photography, that’s why a hide or blind is an essential part in the professional wildlife photographer’s kit.

[U] However, we don’t all have a suitable location in which to set up and leave a hide, nor the time to sit in it for days. One solution is to turn your car into a mobile hide.

[U] Wild animals are surprisingly tolerant of vehicles, although you’ll still need to avoid sudden movements once you’re parked up.

[U] For the sharpest shots, use a beanbag – or even make your own DIY beanbag – to support the lens on the door frame, activate the camera or lens’s stabilizer and switch the car engine off to stop any vibrations.