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Gone Astray

Clare Strand at the Folkwang Museum in Essen

[U] Mysterious scenarios that resemble crime scenes-Clare Strand’s photo works reflect her fascination for crime and horror stories.

[U] Now, the Folkwang Museum in Essen presents the first one-person exhibition of the young British artist, who won the Deutsche Bank Pyramid Award for art in 1998.

[U] Deutsche Bank London has been awarding the prize since 1993 to support young artists after graduation.

[U] Clare Strand works primarily in series, for instance Gone Astray (Portraits and Details).

[I] She portrays people from today in front of a painted backdrop reminiscent of 19th-century photography.

[I] Portraits are combined with mysterious night views, works that also offer evidence of the artist’s preference for the uncertain and the ambiguity of photographic images.

[I] Each work evokes a different set of associations that spark a variety of different stories in the imagination.