[W] http://startstudioarts.si.edu/2012/06/portraits-without-people.html


Portrait of Dennis Hopper (2006) by Robert Weingarten


In art, we have come to understand “portrait” to mean having your face directly reproduced in another medium; however, Robert Weingarten has a different approach to portraits. Like Grenouille in Perfume, he captures a person’s personality, though Weingarten is able to do this without murdering them. Phew! His exhibition, Portraits Without People, includes sixteen photo montages of iconic people. The portraits do not include faces; just a neatly made collage of what we attribute to that person. The portraits include Colin Powell, Chuck Close, Quincy Jones, Hank Aaron and more. Weingarten’s exhibition opens July 2, 2012 through October 14 at the International Gallery at the S. Dillon Ripley Center.


Dennis Hopper – http://smithsonianstudioarts.typepad.com/.a/6a01157246cc69970b0167671f6386970b-pi
Colin Powell – http://robertweingarten.com/portrait_images/Colin_Powell_2008.jpg
Chuck Close – http://robertweingarten.com/portrait_images/Chuck_Close_2007.jpg
Quincy Jones – http://robertweingarten.com/portrait_images/Quincy_Jones_2007.jpg
Hank Aaron – http://robertweingarten.com/portrait_images/Hank_Aaron_2009.jpg