My first image was to represent the category of sweet, I saw a lot of people putting out sugar cubes and photographing them for this category and I wanted to do something different, I started with a pie crust and filled it with brown and white sugar, I added lots of chocolate drops and mint choc chips along with some peanut butter lumps then I added Hershey chocolate sauce some devils food holes ( big colour full brownie chunks) and some marshmallows, I covered this with more of the Hershey sauce. I think the chocolate sauce because it is liquid and has a shiny texture makes it look more sickly and therefore more sweet.



To complement the Sweet category its opposite was Sour, thee most obvious choice would have been lemons, so rather than do the obvious I elected to use a lime which I found to be slightly more interesting in colour and less obvious than the lemon. The thing that I wanted to emphasise was the juice which is the sour part of the lime. Using a tight macro shot helps I think.



Tried to be less obvious with this entry the two  are parts of the same whole being views from either side of the table this one being of the winning hand and the largest stack of chips.



The contrast being the loosing hand and the small stack of chips, this was the root of my idea it was only later that I decided to reverse it to get the shot for many



Almost needs no introduction rather an obvious choice but maybe a different object, for those who don’t know its a broad head arrow I bought in Wal-Mart  in Chicago and yes it came home in mt luggage, oddly I found you ca buy such things in the UK who knew?



I hope I went away from the normal on this one, I wont lead you but to say lots of rust an oil can and a wet stone in there somewhere work the rest out for yourself



I was rather proud to be able to get this in a hotel room with an eye dropper a jelly bowl and water and no cleaver lighting, really looking forward to getting time to explore this further as I have discovered a more sophisticated technique using some electronics and timed water droplets that allow you to collide the drops.



I am hoping this is a unique take on this category it feels like an original thought, this too was taken in the same hotel room



When I looked for inspiration for this assignment one thing I noted was the so many people had a glass full of ice for solid it must get a little repetitive to mark for the tutors, so I thought long and hard on how to create something different, in the end I thought that using ice in a way it had never been used would be quite different, and I am sure no one else has frozen water in a surgical glove for this assignment before.



Having gone to so much effort to freeze it, it would seem a little rude not to melt it on camera so I give you liquid!



I wanted to dig further for this than an obvious image so I came up with the idea that dark was another way of saying sinister so I looked up the opposite of sinister which is angelic which is also refered to as the light so here we have light.



After one of the longest and most contrived setups of the series this was one of the hardest to get right technically, the major difficulty is getting a shadow to be sharp enough that people can work out what its a shadow of, had a terrific amount of fun taking and re taking this to get it right, thank goodness for studio strobes.



I hope this image speaks for itself through its imagery and contrasts well with its counterpart below.



Hopefully a natural counterbalance to the entry for strong, I took this in a hotel room with very basic equipment and thought to re-do it at home with lighting and more equipment available and so far every attempt to re-do and improve it has fallen short of this original shot so it stayed in the selection and I have become rather attached to it.



My first thought was looking along the edge of a ruler but the available depth of field really did not work in this case and the image was a bit dull, this came to me when I had gone around the house and gathered all the straight/measuring things I could find and dumped them on the table to sort through, that’s when this hit me, it has massive sentimental meaning for me too as many of the measuring devices were my Dad’s



I loved these as a child, I have never known where they came from or what they were ment for I suspect they were for an aero draftsman who designed wing sections etc my father used them to create templates for the models he used to build as a set of engineering drafting curves, I don’t think you could buy such a thing these days but I think they work for the curved entry.



Finally Hard and Soft in one image a contrast between the solid rock and the feathers and angel hair, from the phrase hard as a rock and soft as a feather

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of the contrasts assignment.


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