Assignment one

Combined Image

Produce either a series of four to six portraits (looking at Stezaker and Stenram) or a series of four to six landscape-based images based on your immediate surroundings (as with Gill’s Hackney Marshes series). Complete Parts 1 and 2 of the assignment and upload the finished images to your learning log together with a short reflection (500–1,000 words) on your motivations, references and methods for both parts of the assignment.

Part 1

Use traditional ‘cut and paste’ techniques (scissors/scalpel and glue) to produce a series of
simple photomontages using elements from two to five original or found photographs. These
can be found images and/or images that you’ve shot yourself. Re-photograph your finished
photomontages and present the work in your learning log as a digital file.

Part 2

Using digital montage techniques (Photoshop or similar image-editing software) produce a
digital montage using elements from a minimum of two and a maximum of five digital files. Use
components that you have shot yourself rather than found images for this exercise.