IAP Part 3

Introduction – Research


Pinterest has been used in my research as a place to gather images around certain topics and particularly around specific photographers, it is a way of displaying the work of other photographers without infringing and copyright issues. It is not a research reference in itself but more of a visual biography of found images by subject and photographer.

[Pinterest] Paul Caponigro
[Pinterest] Jerry N. Uelsmann
[Pinterest] Robert Heinecken
[Pinterest] Robert Rauschenberg
[Pinterest] Garry Winogrand
[Pinterest] Lee Friedlander
[Pinterest] Diane Arbus
[Pinterest] Ray Metzker
[Pinterest] Ed Ruscha
[Pinterest] William Eggleston
[Pinterest] Stephen Shore
[Pinterest] Joel Meyerowitz


[RESEARCH] MOMA Mirrors and Windows
[RESEARCH] Paul Caponigro – ICP
[RESEARCH] Jerry Uelsmann – Your Dictionary
[RESEARCH] Robert Heinecken: MOMA Object Matter 
[RESEARCH] Robert Heinecken – MoCP 
[RESEARCH] Robert Rauschenberg- The Art Story
[RESEARCH] Ray Metzker – Getty
[RESEARCH] Ed Ruscha – Artsy.net
[RESEARCH] Ed Ruscha – Gagosian Gallery
[RESEARCH] Stephen Shore – The Guardian
[RESEARCH] Joel Meyerowitz – Web Site