IAPPart Two – Street and studio 3

Part Two – Street and studio



Pinterest has been used in my research as a place to gather images around certain topics and particularly around specific photographers, it is a way of displaying the work of other photographers without infringing and copyright issues. It is not a research reference in itself but more of a visual biography of found images by subject and photographer.

Pinterest – Walker Evans
Pinterest – Philip-Lorca diCorcia
Pinterest – Lukas Kuzma
Pinterest – Martin Parr

[RESEARCH] Walker Evans MoMA – Subway Project

[RESEARCH] [RESEARCH] Philip-Lorca diCorcia – MoMA Heads

[RESEARCH] Philip-Lorca diCorcia Heads @ The PACE Gallery NY 2001

[RESEARCH] Digital Camera World 77 photography techniques

[RESAERCH] Car as a Platform

[RESEARCH] Clandestine Photography