IAPPart Two – Street and studio 5

Part Two – Street and studio



Pinterest has been used in my research as a place to gather images around certain topics and particularly around specific photographers, it is a way of displaying the work of other photographers without infringing and copyright issues. It is not a research reference in itself but more of a visual biography of found images by subject and photographer.

Project The Aware
Pinterest –  Harry Callahan
Pinterest – Julian Germain
Pinterest – Daniel Meadows
Pinterest – Irving Penn
Pinterest – Clare Strand


[RESEARCH] Exercise 2.3 Same model, different background

[RESEARCH] Harry Callahan – Lensculture

[RESEARCH] Harry Callahan – Tate

[RESEARCH] Harry Callahan –  Artnet

[RESEARCH] Harry Callahan –  The Encyclopædia Britannica

[RESEARCH] Harry Callahan –  Etherton Gallery

[RESEARCH] Harry Callahan –  Hackelbury Fine Art

[RESEARCH] Harry Callahan –  encyclopedia.com

[RESEARCH] Harry Callahan –  PBS Newshour

[RESEARCH] Harry Callahan – James Hyman Gallery

[RESEARCH] Harry Callahan – 21 Quotes

[RESEARCH] Julian Germain – Website

[RESEARCH] Julian Germain – Macbooks

[RESEARCH] Julian Germain – Photoeye

[RESEARCH] Exercise 2.4 Same background, different model
[RESEARCH] Masters of Photography A New History of Photography
[RESEARCH] Masters of Photography From the Introduction to Irving Penn
[RESEARCH] Hamilton’s Gallery
[RESEARCH] Worlds in a Small Room Review
[RESEARCH] Clare Strand – Gone Astray
[RESEARCH] Clare Strand – Unseen Agents
[RESEARCH] Deustche Bank Art Works – Gone Astray